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Name:Puyang Ruicheng Chemical Co.,Ltd
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Address:No. 285 Renmin Road,Puyang City

Established in December, 1998. Puyang Ruicheng Chemical Co.,Ltd is a specialized petroleum-resin manufacturing enterprise which integrates technique development, product manufacturing, and operation into one. The company is located in Zhongyuan oilfield seat, Puyang city--a national health, garden, civilized and excellent tourism city, Henan province. So it owns the rich and convenient resource. The company covers an area of more than 110 Mu(about 73333.7 square meters), with Jingguang to the west, Jingjiu railway-line to the east, and Daguang express-way, 106 national highway run through the whole city, all of which provide the convenient transportation, and elegant environment for the company. It has fixed assets of more than 70 million RMB, with over 120 staff, 25 various chemical technical developers, 6 senior technicians, and 7 management professionals.
We had been certified to ISO9001、ISO14001、GB/T28001 three standard management system certification,We have the rights for import & export of our own.
Taking petroleum-resin production as the leading industry, Puyang Ruicheng Chemical Co.,Ltd adopts state-of-the-art high technology processes and production equipment, and meanwhile it regards C5、C9 fractions as main materials. The company has some series products such as C5、C9 petroleum-resin, modified petroleum-resin, C5/C9 copolymerized petroleum resin,Dicyclopentadiene petroleum resin (DCPD )、Coumarone and terpene resins etc. The capacity of annual production is about 85 thousand ton. The molecular-weight of petroleum-resin is narrow which can make petroleum-resin possesses good compatibility with elastomer such as pure rubber, butyl rubber, PE rubber, styrenic block copolymer( like SIS, SBS) EVA, polybutylene, etc. This petroleum-resin is widely used in many fields like rubber, adhesive, traffic paint, hot melt adhesive, printing ink, and high grade coating, etc.
The company owns a group of modern management and technical personnel, with scientific, systematic, strict, and formal management and production system. It sets up development and research department for new product, and new process. Except that, the company has special analysis room which is equipped with advanced analytical tools and perfect product test methods, so that it can random trace and detect products at any time. Moreover, it has self-export right, its products have been sold in many countries and districts such as Japan, Korea, German, Canada, Singapore, Finland, America, Bengal, Thailand, Taiwan etc., and the company establishes good cooperative relationship with them.